spider vein treatmentFrustrated by the Appearance and Number of Spider Veins Appearing Over Time?

Spider veins can occur at many stages in a person’s life. The appearance of spider veins can be unsightly for many, and they wish to get them treated to reduce their visibility. The Vein Treatment Center of New Jersey offers many in-house treatments for quick and effective solutions for spider veins.

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What are Spider Veins?

​A form of venous insufficiency, spider veins are small red or purple damaged veins that appear under the skin in lines or webs. While part of the same family, they differ from varicose veins as they are typically flat, and usually do not cause any discomfort. They are most often caused by impact or exertion. Spider veins increase with pregnancy and age, appearing more commonly on women than men, with a majority of women presenting them by the age of 40. They can appear anywhere on the body, but typically they are found on the legs or chest, with the occasional appearance on the face. Spider veins on the face are commonly caused by prolonged sun damage or increased pressure from coughing or sneezing. While these veins are not harmful in the long run or cause any pain, aesthetically they can be quite unappealing and many people choose to have them cosmetically treated.

The Vein Treatment Centers of NJ & PA offers a selection of non-invasive in-house treatments to remove spider veins or reduce their appearance. Our spider vein treatments include sclerotherapy and laser treatments.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment that transfers blood from the affected vein to healthier veins. It is commonly a treatment of choice for spider veins, as well as small varicose veins

Spider Vein Prevention

There are some steps you can take to prevent spider veins. By staying active and exercising, you will improve the strength of your legs, veins, and circulation. It will also help you stay in shape to avoid placing too much pressure on your legs. If you want to really increase circulation, you can also try wearing compression stockings, especially if you are in a profession where you are standing for long periods of time. 

Spider Vein Treatment Results

The results of sclerotherapy and laser treatments will vary on a person-by-person basis. It may take more than one treatment to experience the results that you desire, but after each spider vein treatment, you will notice an improvement in the appearance of your legs, chest, or face. To learn more information about spider vein treatments, contact the experienced vein doctors at The Vein Treatment Centers of NJ and PA.

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