What is the recovery time after each procedure?

Patients can resume normal activity after vein treatment, with the exception of strenuous exercise, which can be resumed 72 after any treatment.

Is my treatment covered by insurance?

Some procedures are cover by insurance. Your physician can discuss your insurance coverage further at the time of consultation.

What does a vein consultation consist of?

During the initial free consultation the physician will visually assess your condition and discuss your options. If you decide to utilize our services a more in-depth consultation will follow. This one will take about an hour and consists of a comprehensive ultrasound of the legs performed by a well-trained technologist experienced in venous imaging. The vein specialist completes the ultrasound at the time of the consultation in order to best map out the anatomy and come up with the best treatment plan. Your physician will then go over the results and provide a detailed explanation of his recommendations to get your legs looking and feeling great.

Why choose the Vein Treatment Center of New Jersey?

We understand that there are many practitioners in New Jersey treating veins. We believe that the The Vein Treatment Center of New Jersey is unique in that we offer a comprehensive array of treatment options that can manage the smallest to largest veins. Our treatment center is patient-centered with a strong emphasis on direct physician involvement in the work-up of the disease.

Common Questions and Answers

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